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Pass Rate of the PMP Exam

Pass Rate of the PMP Exam

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When preparing for the exam, you must balance your study, work, and life. If you are busy with work and many things in the near future, you should first understand and plan for the exam to avoid confusion. I will do a pre-class preview to understand what will be covered in this class.

When listening to the video, you can learn with purpose, you can quickly locate and know where it is now. After the class, review the textbook knowledge in time. When you first do the questions, the error rate may be relatively high. Therefore, you must repeat the exercises and review the knowledge of the textbooks, especially when doing the first, second, and third models. The questions should be returned to the books to find the relevant knowledge points. After understanding, go back to the second one after completing the mock exam questions to test your own understanding of knowledge. In short, you must establish confidence, fully prepare for the exam, and study properly. The PMP exam is not Difficult to pass.The examination process is still a little nervous, 4 hours is a long time, need to stay awake, take each question seriously; In order to record this effort, and pmBOK read through again, learned is wealth, not to forget, have to monitor themselves.